Datasets and results files for are available under their respective models.


The jrna Perl library parses alignments (they need not be RNA) and returns input files for use in popular analysis programs and/or html-based reports regarding the composition of the given datasets. See help for more information. Releases are available here. Please read the __README upon download. 03/01/05 - Note that the jRNA scripts are being replaced by 'Psy', a more programmer friendly and powerful set of matrix handling tools. Estimated release date summer of 2005.

Jrna sample template

An example template file that can be used with the library.


Various small perl scripts that probably represent functions available elsewhere. Version numbers are stored in the script file. Use with caution and double check that your results make sense.

PHASE related

For use with PHASE 1.1. Note that PHASE 2.0 is apparently coming soon, and these scripts might become redundant!

PHYLIP to flat Perl script converts interleaved Phylip formatted files to a single large interleave.